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After receiving many teaching awards, Gail went on to win the title of Ms New York Senior America in 2009 and then went on to become Ms Senior America 2009-10. A 40 year Breast Cancer survivor, Gail has made over 550 appearances throughout the Country as a motivational speaker for breast cancer awareness and is working with veteran groups, seniors and an anti- bullying program involving military and law enforcement. Gail has been honored with over 22 Proclamations, nominated for Suffolk County Senior of the Year and the Suffolk County Women’s Hall of Fame. Recently, Gail received the Woman of Distinction Award. Gail’s been featured on television including Royal Pains, Law and Order, and Pan Am, radio and movies Including Salt, Did You Hear About the Morgans, Love on Ice, commercials, infomercials and recently been seen on the cover of three magazines, Her original choreographed ballet for love, hope and compassion has been used to fight domestic violence. A working model,she recently started a TV Internet Show called “LooKING to make a Difference With GAIL”.Formally “MaKING a Difference with GAIL” A show about 501C3’s, Foundations, Entertainers and Politicians who are doing things to change people’s and animal’s lives.

LooKING to make a Difference with GAIL can be seen Saturdays at 7 PM and Mondays at 6 PM on Long Island cablevision Channel 20. Gails monthly column can be read in Aces Magazine.

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